Paku Malzeme

Dokulu kauçuk mat LACE; 10*7 cm

Ürün Kodu : TM003
224,90 TL
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  • Polimer Kil ve Seramik kullanımı içindir. Kauçuk matlar Gıda ile temasa uygun değildir.



    Make your polymer clay designing journey easy and fun with these high-quality Paku rubber texture mats. The fine detailed embossing will add professional looking details and textures to your pieces.

    Materials: Rubber

    Size: 10 cm x 7 cm app.

    Pattern Depth: 1 mm

    How to Use

    These mats are best used for polymer clay use but may used on other soft materials as well.

    Add texture to polymer clay jewelry with ease by simply rolling the mat over your well-conditioned clay and peel away to reveal the fine detailed design.

    Care & Cleaning:

    Wash texture mat with warm water and use a soft toothbrush, if necessary, for groove cleaning.


    - Rinse mat with warm water BEFORE use to eliminate any production dust & debris. Use a clean toothbrush if necessary.
    - Test mat on sample clay to ensure mat is ready to use.
    - DO NOT bake or apply heat to mat.
    - DO NOT scrape mat with sharp objects.
    - DO NOT fold the mat to avoid permanent creases.
    - Store mats in a flat position.

    - Rubber texture mats are NOT for use with food products.

    7 x 10 x 0
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